Hemoglobin/Hematorcit count

Hemoglobin/Hematorcit count

hello mr. dale, i just want to ask if g6pd defficiency has something to do with the hemoglobin/hematorcit count? here’s my son’s blood test result: hemoglobin116(result) 135-180(normal range) hematocrit0.35(result) 0.42-0.52(normal range) the result says that he has anemia that’s why the doctor advised to take ferlin drops (iron supplement) for 3 mos. anyway my son is 1yr &10 mos old. thanks and more power!

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Dale Baker is a computer programmer by profession. After retirement he started developing websites in his spare time. Because of health issues due to G6PD Deficiency and the lack of credible medical information, he developed g6pddeficiency.org to help bring others with this condition together to share their experiences. In 2013 over 250,000 people visited his website. He is a published writer and dedicated to helping people with this enzymopathy live a better life. His favorite hobby is cooking.


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  1. Hi Mai,
    Yes, anemia is related to G6PDD. But, anemia caused by G6PDD triggers is
    not an iron deficient anemia. Taking iron can actually be harmful to us
    unless iron deficiency is diagnosed by a blood test.

    To help your son avoid G6PDD related anemia, make sure he avoids
    everything on the avoid lists at http://g6pddeficiency.org You should
    also avoid everything he does as you are also G6PDD. Boys can only get
    it from their mothers. See http://g6pddeficiency.org/index.php?cmd=women
    for further discussion about women and G6PDD.

    All the best,


      • Hi Mai,
        Doctors are taught in medical school that G6PDD is nothing to worry
        about, but this is not true. Our body must work harder to clean up the
        dead blood cells and make new ones. We use up more vitamin B’s and other
        things than most people. When we are anemic, other diseases are more
        severe and harder to cure. We are more susceptible to medical problems
        like diabetes and arthritis among others as we get older. Don’t believe
        it when they tell you it is nothing to worry about. If you want to be
        healthy, you need to avoid everything on the avoid lists on the site and
        in my book and follow the diet suggestions also on the site and in my book.

        All the best,


    • Hi dale
      my son hemoglobin is 9 when tested for cbc he is suffering from throat infection and gets high feaver along with other medicines doctor gave him vitabiotics feroglobin b12 which contains iron zinc minrals vitamin b complex and other components and it is listed that in every 5ml there is 10 mg iron and %EC RDA 71 i dont understand all this doctor said it is must to give him iron since his hemoglobin is less and this will improve it now i am very confused and worried my son is 6 yrs even after enquiring that g6pd kids should not be given iron he said we have to give iron if hemoglobin is less what to do please advise

      thank ui very much

      • Hi Nooreen,
        Unless this doctor can prove to you that your son’s iron level is low, I would not give it to him. Make bone stocks out of chicken bones or beef bones, whatever kind of bones you have and make soup out of it. Have him eat that. If you can get it, also give him liver and grape juice. Make sure the grape juice has no food color and is only grape juice. Feed him greens like spinach, broccoli, cabbage, etc. You can put that in the soup. Give him vitamins b 6, folic acid, and b12 in regular recommended doses for his age. Make sure he gets lots of rest. Pineapple juice for throat. You can put a little honey in it. What medicines is he being given?

        • hi dale thank u so much for ur reply do
          doctors prescribed for him clofen suppsitories which is diclfenac sodium since he has high feaver and needs to keep in control and the from today he started him on antibiotics winix which contains cefixime trihydrate and sodium benzonate as a preservative also a cough syrup amydramine which have diphenhydramine HCI sodium cirtrate and menthol which is 0.55% also the above medicine for hemoglobine which says nutrients for the formation of hemoglobin and red blood cells but contains liquid iron with other components
          since i stopped his intake of formula millk he has lost soo much weight he became very thin feeding him is a big problem and he dosent gain weight vry easily and now to top it all he has a low hemoglobin now it worries me a lot and he keeps eating candies choc and stuff when i am not arount i think thats add on to his condition how could i find out about the servity of his g6pd which test should i take do please advise
          thank u so much for ur support may allah bless u with good health

          • diphenhydramine is contraindicated and should be avoided. Menthol is also contraindicated. How old is he? What are you feeding him?

          • hi dale thank u so much for ur advise
            my son is 6 yrs and feeding him is one big task he is very measly eater as u suggested i am trying to feed him some supe made out of mutton bones with difficulties is there any noncontradicted medicine we can give to increase hemoglobine to g6pd kids or any cough syrup i read paracetamol is also contradicted it means it should not be given at all what abt diclfenac sodium is it ok to use for fever and abt antibiotic which should be avoided
            i am so confused his docter says its ok i keep repeating that dont give contra medicine but he says nothing to worry abt such small dosage will not cause serious effect i just cannot get through him its as if i am being paranoid abt it and at this point i am simply facing the wall
            is it possible that his hemoglobin went down because of infection and is tAmeenhere any chance of improving do please le me know i will be highly obliged may Allah bless u
            regards nooreen

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