Immune System and Colds

Immune System and Colds

Dr ogundu. My grandson is 5..he had a cold..virus..Monday his blood levels were 10.2..friday his urine was grape juice colored…rushed to hospital on long island…he had two transfusions and his levels went up..we can keep food, products and meds away from him that he can’t have…but germs we can’t. This is the third time this has happened. How can we build up his immune system ..he eats lots of veggies and fruits…along w medical doctors can anything holistic help him..also is there research being done for g6pd. If so how can we find out about it and help get info to people.

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Dale Baker is a computer programmer by profession. After retirement he started developing websites in his spare time. Because of health issues due to G6PD Deficiency and the lack of credible medical information, he developed to help bring others with this condition together to share their experiences. In 2013 over 250,000 people visited his website. He is a published writer and dedicated to helping people with this enzymopathy live a better life. His favorite hobby is cooking.


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  1. Dear Ms Judge, Sorry about the scare, can be traumatic for parents especially. You are so right, prevention is still the best cure for all our woes, yet we can only do so much in an ever toxic environment. You must keep him in the best health possible. Good health makes recuperation easier and quicker and, often in avoiding blood transfusion if he does hemolyze. Personally, I am weary of blood transfusion. It is more of a cool aid than elixir that we in medicine make it to be. The availability of blood transfusion is one of the main reasons our disorder is not taken serious enough. The rationale is we always have that if it gets bad. It helps but, it is not the panacea. It also has its own side effects. In addition to awareness program, with all knowledge and research in genome and enzyme replacement, we must strive to place g6pdd on that decision table. Since you are in LI, NY. Call the center 718-776-9699 or email me directly at angeldocorg.Either way leave me your contact. I will need to get few info before giving a individualized advice.As for research, there are a few being undertaken by the military but mostly on how to get the soldiers to take or not take targeted medications and vaccines. Also, they have been reluctant in collaborating with us civilians. To everyone on this forum, I have said this before, we need to have a coalition of productive advocacy and call of action. Our voice must be heard. I have managed to get the ear of the committee on health in Congress. This can not be left only to the few Dale, Marion, John, Marcia or Linda in our midst. You can go to website and go to g6pddeficiency A Call to Action page. We are putting together a committee and hope those who can, should so we can have a diversified representation. Thank you.Dr. Ogundu.

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