G6PD Deficiency non-profit – a TIME FOR CELEBRATION

G6PD Deficiency non-profit – a TIME FOR CELEBRATION


A G6PD Deficiency NON-PROFIT Organization is being created to help YOU and your local health care providers get the information and care you need to avoid hemolysis and stay healthy!

For over seven long years I have waited for this to happen! Even though I am able to reach thousands of people per month with the website and facebook forums, it is just not enough. (There is only so much a handful of people can do without outside support.)

We are hoping that with additional funds and support that will be available through the non-profit, we will eventually be able stop all the rumors and mis-information that is causing people, especially newborns, to suffer from the short and long term effects of hemolysis.

The woman who has started the ball rolling almost lost her grandson last year due to the doctors not having accurate information about how to diagnose or treat a baby with g6pd deficiency. The others who are involved are also donating their time, talent and resources just because they want to help. They are doing it all for you… and for people just like you who may not have the information they need to stay healthy and avoid a hemolytic crises.

So…. in order to make this dream a reality for all of us, we need the input from ALL of YOU! So please, take a few minutes to answer the questions below (in a comment post).

The sooner we can get the ball rolling the sooner we can help so many who are suffering needlessly.

Here are the questions:

– What do you think is the most important service(s) the organization could provide: (e.g.: education, research, conferences, workshops, consultations, media promotion, screening clinics, online information/ training.) Please list in order of importance.

– Would you… or someone you know… be able to raise funds, donate money (and/or services), apply for grants, which would be used to help provide the services listed above? If yes… in US Dollars, how much money do you think you could raise, or what services could you provide?

– Any other questions or ideas? We welcome them!

Thank you all for being part of the almost 30,000 monthly visitors of this website! People all over the world are healthy and happier because of your comments and questions!

All the best,

-Dale Baker, creator of g6pddeficiency.org

P.S. For everyone affected by G6PD Deficiency.. this is awesome news! After answering the questions above, please pass this post on to all your friends, family, neighbors and local health care providers!

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Dale Baker is a computer programmer by profession. After retirement he started developing websites in his spare time. Because of health issues due to G6PD Deficiency and the lack of credible medical information, he developed g6pddeficiency.org to help bring others with this condition together to share their experiences. In 2013 over 250,000 people visited his website. He is a published writer and dedicated to helping people with this enzymopathy live a better life. His favorite hobby is cooking.

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