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Positive Change

Positive Change. An interesting concept, don’t you think? I once heard a man who was speaking at a seminar say, “only one percent of people will change their lifestyle, even if they know their current lifestyle will kill them”. Which … Continue reading

The Dangers of Iron Overload in G6PD Deficient People

Contrary to popular belief, iron overload does not mean you have been watching too many Iron Man movies. Nor does it mean if you have iron overload, you will become Iron Man. It is a lot more sinister than that, … Continue reading

Cooking Oil Could Be Contributing to Oxidative Stress

We all know that oxidative stress, or free radicals, can cause hemolysis in those with G6PD Deficiency and that legumes and some other foods and drugs cause oxidative stress. But, one thing I did not know, until recently, is that … Continue reading

Preventing Disease by Boosting Your Immune System

In today’s world, getting sick can be fatal. Preventing disease by boosting your immune system can be your lifeline. It seems that everyday we hear more about the spread of Ebola in Africa and recently in Europe and the USA. … Continue reading