Lumphocyte Count is Low

Lumphocyte Count is Low

Dear Sir Dale and Dr. Ogundu, My kids and I have our blood test last Saturday coz I wanted to know how our hemoglobin counts are, avoiding all the triggers. The CBC result of my kids are ok, their hemoglobin and hematocrit counts are both on the normal range but mine has a low lymphocyte count of 0.06, normal range is 0..25-0.45. I have a really bad cough and cold now. Is this could be the reason why I had a very low lymphocyte count? Or does that mean I’m also having hemolysis eventhough my hemoglobin and hematocrit is normal? I’m planning to have a retest as soon as I recover from cold but I’m really bothered because I have a very low count. What will I do for now, please help. Thanks so much in advance. Jhovie (mother of 2 g6pdd boys)

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