Autistic child undergoing music therapyDoing research for something else, Melody ran into an email I received from a lady who had some very interesting things to say about Autism and how G6PDD could be a factor. If you have an autistic child, you may want to read it. If you are expecting a child or are expecting to some day have children or know someone in one of the above categories, you may want to read it. It is very interesting.

I have two cousins who suffered from kernicterus, and I can see how there could be a connection. Both have had to be institutionalized. Here’s her email:

I think this Autism Epidemic is caused by an increased incidence of
Kernicterus caused by pharmaceutical drug induced hemolytic anemia.
Therefore Autism is Kernicterus. This means that people with G6PDD,
Gilbert’s syndrome and Crigler-Najjar Syndrome type I and II are at risk
for being diagnosed with Autism.

I believe that the method of medical treatment that has changed over the
last 40 years has created this epidemic. IE, Antibiotic abuse, Vitamin K
at birth, Increase in immunizations.

What we know is that in G6PDD the contraindicated drugs bind to Albumin
receptors. When hemolytic crisis occurs the Bilirubin level goes up
causing Jaundice. Because the Albumin receptors are already bound with
the drug, the bilirubin that is suppose to bind with the Albumin
receptors has nothing to bind to. This leads to to much FREE bilirubin
circulating in the blood. This crosses the blood brain barrier and
creates the symptoms of Autism which are exactly like Kernicterus and
thereby causing “Autism”. I think that these children are not exhibiting
the normal clues of Jaundice and are therefore never caught in time, ie
yellow skin and eyes. Medical literature states that you should not
diagnose Jaundice by visual methods alone, because it does
not always present that way.

Medical literature also states that when you already have a hemolytic
disease that it does not take extremely high bilirubin levels to cause
Kernicterus. Because it is the amount of FREE bilirubin that counts. It
is also interesting to note that there is no standard test to check FREE
bilirubin levels. This means that most doctors are just looking at
standard levels. Here is an abstract explaining the importance.

I believe the reason why there is such a spectrum in Autism is because
the damage would depend on how much FREE bilirubin was available for
each child, how quickly their body could manage the problem, how many
immunizations they were given at once and how weak their body was before
the immunization. Some children like my son were given multiple courses
of antibiotics on your contraindicated list weeks before the
immunization due to recurrent ear infections. (This is a common story).
Therefore their bodies could have already been experiencing hemolysis
and the immunization just took them over the edge. ( This is the common

All of us parents are saying the same thing about what caused our
child’s autism. (Immunizations), but is it also Antibiotics that play a
part for this sensitive population?

Of course all children that have G6PD, Gilbert’s
syndrome, Crigler-Najjar Syndrome type I and II do not get Kernicterus.
But maybe these lucky children also have some type of Genetic protection
that helps them clear their bilirubin faster.

I theorize that their is a small window of opportunity to check and save
these children. First you have to actually SCREEN for G6PDD at birth.
(Before giving the standard protocol of
Vitamin K within 1 hour of life). Then if positive, use all natural
means to treat ear infections instead of antibiotics. Also if the
parents choose to immunize, check bilirubin levels multiple times
starting at 24 hours after immunization to assess hemolysis. Most
importantly doctors need to do the calculations to check FREE bilirubin
level. Here is calculator on how to calculate FREE bilirubin

Remember bilirubin levels should be normal if no active hemolysis is
happening for G6PDD, so you would only be able to check during an actual
hemolytic crisis.

I just wanted to add one more thing. Could my theory be the connection
that explains why children born in winter months are more likely to get
My Kernicterus/ bilirubin theory would mean that mother nature tries to
take care of this problem by reducing bilirubin levels naturally with
sunlight. (This is why every hospital uses bililights in the NICU to
reduce bilirubin levels).
Therefore in winter months there is less sunlight, therefore more
children wouldn’t get this protection.
Please feel free to pass this theory on to your Forum.

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