Sign Your Baby may be G6PD Deficient

Sign Your Baby may be G6PD Deficient
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Hi, I wanted to share one of the signs that your baby might be g6pd deficient. He was born healthy and we were discharged just a day after delivery. As an NICU nurse I noticed right away that on the second day of life, he was jaundiced ( yellow color of the skin) so I extracted a blood sample for his bilirubin level and neonatal screening. bilirubin level was quite high and the neonatal screening result took a day before it comes out, so our neonatologist just advised me to give him more fluids because dehydration can cause hyperbilirubinemia. he was feeding very well on a combination of breast milk and bottled milk. And on his third day his color didn’t improved and instead it became worst, he became hyperactive. Results from the screening came out, that he has g6pd deficiency, so he was admitted to NICU for photo therapy for 4days, upon discharge our neonatologist advised me to research and read about the do’s and don’ts of taking care of a g6pd deficient baby. That’s the time i joined the group in Facebook for g6pd deficient.. And now he is 3years old and is able to live his life normally, with just a small precaution on his foods.

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Dale Baker is a computer programmer by profession. After retirement he started developing websites in his spare time. Because of health issues due to G6PD Deficiency and the lack of credible medical information, he developed to help bring others with this condition together to share their experiences. In 2013 over 250,000 people visited his website. He is a published writer and dedicated to helping people with this enzymopathy live a better life. His favorite hobby is cooking.

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