Tips for Cooking Salmon

Tips for Cooking Salmon

Tips for cooking salmonAbout six months ago we were visiting my son in Arizona and he was aching to cook some salmon for us. He went to great lengths to provide a wonderful meal for us and I can still taste that great salmon. Here are some of his tips for cooking salmon.

Before you can cook a great salmon, you have to acquire a great salmon. Whether fresh or frozen, always choose one that is wild caught. Farm raised salmon does not have the same taste or nutrition and can even have undesirable additives.

If your salmon is frozen, always thaw in the refrigerator for twenty four hours or until thawed before cooking. It will have more flavor and the texture will also be better. Do not hasten thawing by using water or a microwave.

Do not over season. Use herbs and seasoning sparingly as you don’t want to over power the wonderful taste of your salmon. I suggest light salt and pepper and perhaps a very light addition of a good southwestern rub or other favorite seasoning.

You can grill, bake, broil or poach salmon, but my favorite is to grill on a plank, which is how my son cooked it. He used a good grade of charcoal and got the fire going on medium high.

He previously soaked the plank (he used a cedar plank) for a couple of hours and then lightly coated one side with olive oil. He then placed the prepared salmon on the plank skin side down. He then took the plank with the salmon and placed it on the hot grill and cooked for 10 to 15 minutes.

He served the salmon with baked potatoes he had used an apple corer to cut a half inch hole into. He then put butter and finely chopped onions into the hole and used the potato from the apple corer to plug each end. He then baked them on the grill ahead of time.

He completed the meal with a great garden salad. It will be a while before I forget that supper.

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