Drink your vitamins – Vegetable & Fruit Cocktails

Drink your vitamins – Vegetable & Fruit Cocktails

vegetable & fruit coctailsOne of the most difficult things for me to do is eat my vegetables. I just don’t like them for the most part. I like a small salad and I like Baker Tacos (a way of fixing tacos that maximizes their vegetable content) but that is about it. I really try hard to eat green vegetables, but I end up eating mostly protein foods. Until I discovered vegetable & fruit cocktails.

I suspect that all you women out there have similar problems getting the men in your life to eat their vegetables, so lets try something. Ether use a juicer or a good blender and make juice out of the following:

Two apples (I like one green and one red apple)
One lemon
One stalk of celery
One or two medium kale leaves
One square inch of ginger (more or less to taste)
Two medium carrots
One small handful of spinach
One large orange
One large cucumber

That’s the basic recipe for vegetable & fruit cocktails. You can add whatever else you like. Grapes, nectarines, plums, broccoli or whatever else you have laying around in the refrigerator. At first, you may have to go heavy on the fruit, but as time goes by, sneak more vegetables into it and don’t tell anyone. The more green vegetables you can get in the recipe, the better. A little salt may also help, but not much. Salt will actually enhance the sweetness in foods if you only add a very small amount.

So, why go to all this trouble? Awesome question. I’m glad you asked. People with G6PDD need green vegetables very much and if you don’t like them, it’s tough. Artificial vitamins are just not the best way to get them and in some cases, they are actually harmful to us. It is also quite difficult to get vitamins that don’t have some other ingredient in them that is contraindicated for us. Like ascorbic acid. We also need vitamin C and we can’t take ascorbic acid, so fruit and vegetables are our only safe source.

Kids Can Drink Vegetables, too.Have fun with it and experiment with the recipe to make it not only good for you, but good for the palate as well. Another great thing about it is it is easier to get children to drink it and if you are careful about the ingredients, babies can also drink it.

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