The Controversial Legume


The Controversial Legume

The Controversial LegumeLegumes have always been a hard sell. People tend to think that as long as their blood work comes back “normal” that everything is okay, but where on the “normal” scale is it falling? Our bodies learn to over produce red blood cells to keep up with hemolytic anemia. That is one of the reasons G6PDD babies tend to be more anemic than older children and adults and contributes to the myth that we grow out of it.

The problem with the over production of red blood cells is that it takes resources in the form of B vitamins, protein and other nutrients and our bodies have to clean up the dead red blood cells. That over works some of our organs. Heart, spleen, liver, kidneys, eyes, lungs, bone marrow and others tend to be overworked. Spleenectomies, kidney stones, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and heart problems are common for us. This combination of overuse of resources and over worked organs is very unhealthy at best and can even be deadly. A large number of people find out they have G6PDD in their mid thirties or forties after being misdiagnosed and mistreated for other ailments only to find out that it was G6PDD all along.

The medical community tends to believe that as long as something doesn’t cause a hemolytic crises that it is okay. Therefore research concerning things that cause lower levels of hemolysis is sparse. There are a few reports of possible hemolytic crises’ from legumes, but absolutely nothing about low level hemolysis. We know that it happens because of reports from people with hemoglobin meters. We know that people with G6PDD tend to be very low on B6, folic acid and B12. We know that health problems develop in mid life. We know from reports from doctors in India where legume use and vegan-ism is high that older people with G6PDD have an increased death rate due to ingestion of contraindicated meds used to treat diet caused illnesses.

Most of all, we know that people who follow our diet suggestions and avoid everything on the contraindicated foods list on our site live much healthier lives and many of the health problems they have been suffering from disappear. They feel better and have a lot more energy. On the unfortunate side, some find out after the damage is done and cannot be reversed.

I cannot count the number of parents of infants with chronic hemolytic anemia that doctors cannot stop who have contacted me desperate for help. To date, I have been 100 percent successful at stopping or greatly reducing the anemia. Some can never be completely stopped due to CNSHA. Knowledge is power.

Legumes are going to continue to be controversial until the medical profession wakes up and starts taking G6PDD seriously. Unfortunately, that is going to be a while.


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