Why the G6PDD Diet is so Important

Why the G6PDD Diet is so Important

A person posted on another G6PDD forum this morning that saddened me a great deal. Her son has had to have 17 blood transfusions in his 19 years of life. He has been under the care of a doctor for ten years, but the doctor is not stopping the hemolysis. Her son has had to have his gall bladder removed due to gall stones, takes paracetamol and ibuprophen and is not getting all the vitamins he needs.

Now, I don’t want anyone to get the idea that I blame the parents for this, and I certainly do not know all the details, but this story is just way to familiar to me. When we undergo hemolysis for long periods of time, it causes a lot of health problems. He needs to be taking B vitamins as recommended in our G6PDD diet. For those who have severe problems with hemolysis, we just can’t get enough B vitamins from food alone. He is having hemolysis related health problems already in his life (gall stones).

It just breaks my heart to hear stories like this. In some cases, completely stopping hemolysis is very difficult, but it can be greatly reduced if our G6PDD diet suggestions are followed and the person is religious about avoiding triggers. These cases can teach us a lot about our future health issues when we don’t get hemolysis under control. I know I preach a lot about this issue, but it is so important to our heath. Please take the G6PDD diet and avoid lists seriously. It can make a HUGE difference in how healthy we are when we get older. The process of creating new blood cells and cleaning up the dead ones puts stress on our bodies. Our bodies try their best to compensate for the loss of red blood cells, but that process requires resources. If we don’t get those resources from our diet, our bodies will have to take those resources from other body parts or do without and that is what causes the other health issues.

I’ll stop ranting for now. Thank you for taking the time to hear me out. Please take the avoid lists and G6PDD diet suggestions seriously. I don’t want to hear this same story from you.

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