Kernicterus With G6PD Deficiency

Kernicterus With G6PD Deficiency

KernicterusToo bad that testing for G6PD Deficiency in neonates has not been instituted in American hospitals. If it had been, this baby born in Salt Lake City most likely would have survived kernicterus with G6PD Deficiency. I’ve heard too many stories similar to this one. The last sentence of the abstract reads, “Acute kernicterus can mimic septic shock.” This baby had already been treated for jaundice, yet they did not even suspect G6PD Deficiency until it was too late!

Babies born with G6PD Deficiency sometimes are born with jaundice or develop jaundice within a few days. The reason is that when a person hemolyzes, bilirubin is released into the blood stream. The baby’s liver is not developed enough to eliminate the bilirubin so it accumulates in the blood stream and the baby’s skin and eyes turn yellow. The most common treatment is exposure to special lights. This usually happens in a hospital because it requires special equipment and the treatment must be administered as quickly as possible.

This case study explains what happened to a baby in Salt Lake City, UT, USA when doctors mistakenly diagnosed the baby with Ceptic Shock.

Neonatal Death Suspected To Be From Sepsis Was Found To Be Kernicterus With G6PD Deficiency 

One of the difficulties of being so involved in G6PD Deficiency is that I hear this WAY too often and every single one of them is a preventable tragedy. This next story ends in a $12 million dollar law suit. A lot of money, but I’m sure the parents would trade every cent and more for their baby’s health.

$12 Million Settlement of Neonatal Malpractice Case

Knowledge is power. G6PD Deficiency screening is so important. Without it, tragedies result. Knowing how to avoid G6PD Deficiency problems can make the difference between life and death.

Please take the time to read our website and become knowledgeable about G6PD Deficiency so a tragedy like kernicterus doesn’t happen to you or your baby.

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