Pharmacy Updates Computer to Protect G6PDD Patients

Pharmacy Updates Computer to Protect G6PDD Patients

hospital pharmacyThis is the most amazing news I have heard in a long time from the medical community. I came home last night to find the following email in my inbox. I am still in shock.


Subject: G6PD Deficiency

As a hospital clinician, my team and I have created a modification in
our hospital drug profiling software regarding G6PD Deficiency. We
created an alert system that stops a prescriber from ordering
potentially dangerous drugs in patients with G6PD deficiency. This
drug-disease interaction alert system does not exist in current
software. It protects this population of patients from a serious
adverse drug event improving patient safety. We will present this
project in late April in poster format at our Hospital research day.
Thought this might interest you!


His last comment is the understatement of the decade. YES, it interests me…a LOT. Mr. Reilly, if you are reading this, you made not just my day, but my whole century. Thank you from the very bottom of my heart. My hope is that your work will become a part of every drug profiling software program in the world. God bless you, sir.

Update – April 9, 2015

I heard more from Mr. Reilly today and this is so promising. It will be an update to the number one or two most popular hospital systems, so this is a very big deal for us. It will help keep us safe from contraindicated medications when in the hospital. It is a great start.

They used my drugs to avoid list and website during their research. They eliminated some drugs that are no longer available or are not used by their hospital, but it is a pretty good list. Even has ascorbic acid on it and they are considering adding iron at my request, even though it is not technically a drug. They are very excited about this program and seem to be quite versed with G6PDD and concerned about G6PDD complications.

The hospital developing this program is

AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center
Pomona, New Jersey 08240

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