Ten Antioxidant and Anti Cancer Foods

Did you know that those antioxidants I’ve been trying to get you to eat are also anti cancer foods as well? An article in the Reader’s Digest suggests the following foods help prevent cancer: Garlic, Broccli, Brazil Nuts, Citrus, Blueberries, … Continue reading

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The Importance of Staying Healthy

The importance of staying healthy is exaggerated for people with G6PD Deficiency. There are several things that influence how severe a hemolytic crises can be. One of those things is our general physical health at the time. When we keep … Continue reading

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Doing research for something else, Melody ran into an email I received from a lady who had some very interesting things to say about Autism and how G6PDD could be a factor. If you have an autistic child, you may … Continue reading

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Why do Legumes Cause Hemolysis

Today was an interesting day as work days go. I was working on this website and searching the web for information about why legumes cause hemolysis. They do and I know that because people have proven it by using hemoglobin … Continue reading

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Hemoglobin/Hematorcit count

hello mr. dale, i just want to ask if g6pd defficiency has something to do with the hemoglobin/hematorcit count? here’s my son’s blood test result: hemoglobin116(result) 135-180(normal range) hematocrit0.35(result) 0.42-0.52(normal range) the result says that he has anemia that’s why … Continue reading

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