FAQ / Why is Ascorbic Acid on the Avoid list? (Man made Vitamin C)

Ascorbic acid is included on most contraindicated lists for G6PDD, including Webmed.com. I actually did a search “ascorbic acid contraindicated g6pd” and there were over 100,000 websites that commented about the risks associated with ascorbic acid..

Ascorbic acid is a man-made chemical. At very high doses ascorbic acid actually becomes an oxidant, which destroys cells and that is why it is believed to be an effective natural treatment to eradicate cancer cells. See Why are iron supplements on the avoid list?

Ascorbic acid has been proven to increase the absorption of iron, which may help those who are low in iron, but increased iron absorption can be dangerous for people with G6PDD (see Why are iron supplements on the avoid list? and The Dangers of Iron Overload in G6PD Deficient People).

Ascorbic acid is in many processed foods, as it makes food look fresher than they really are. Vitamin C in the form of citric acid is all your body needs. These are all good reason to eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies.

You will lower your food bill and your health risks by avoiding processed foods and instead, making home-made meals from ingredients you know are healthy. Our members section has hundreds of G6PDD safe recipes for food and natural remedies. Check it out.

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