FAQ / Can a person be tested for G6PDD only at birth?

A person can be tested for G6PDD at any time in life. A cautionary note: after a hemolytic event (loss of red blood cells) test results can return a false negative. This is due to the fact that younger red blood cells have more G6PD than older ones and so the older RBC’s die first. This leaves the younger blood cells (which have more G6PD) to be tested for G6PDD. A person should avoid triggers for several weeks and wait for blood levels to return to normal before being tested for G6PDD.

Females are the hardest to test and most of the time test negative even if they have G6PDD. The most accurate test, especially for women, is the G6PD Quantitative test. But I’ve seen it fail at times. Read Women with G6PD Deficiency. The one test that never fails is having a boy with G6PDD. The mother has G6PDD…guaranteed because boys can only get it from their mother.

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