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A lot of people believe that the truth about G6PD Deficiency should be withheld from people. They think that you aren’t able to handle the truth. They think that as long as you don’t know babies are dying from ignorance at the hand of doctors, everything will be swell. I’m not one of those people. Personally, I’m tired of the horror stories about babies dying because the doctors didn’t know they had G6PDD, or worse, didn’t know what to do if they did. So the following are very candid and straight forward answers to some of the more common questions I have received over the past seven or eight years.

Substances to avoid

Is carbonated water found in soda pop, tonic water?

No. Tonic water is a different product which contains quinine. It used in some alcoholic drinks as a flavoring and is very harmful to those with G6PDD. However, the sugar and caffeine in soda pop is totally not good for anyone as it lowers your body’s resistance to colds and flu (which can cause hemolysis for people with G6PDD) and also leads to diabetes and obesity.

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Can G6PDD people have chocolate?

Chocolate is not on the avoid list, but many of the things added to chocolate are… like peanuts, soy lecithin, and artificial blue food color. Just read your labels. The better brands of chocolate are most likely the safest to eat.

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Is soy lecithin okay?

No, soy is a legume. Soy in any form is on the avoid list for people with G6PDD. The majority of processed foods has some sort of soy in them. It’s cheap and it enhances the texture and stability of the foods that are designed to sit on the shelf for long periods of time. There is also strong evidence that most of the soy in processed foods is grown using GMO seeds as well as pesticides, as it saves the manufacturer money and makes the product more affordable for the consumer. Avoiding soy is just another reason to make your own meals from scratch. You will save money and feel much healthier, even if you are not g6pd deficient.

For additional information about soy, see this article.

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