FAQ / What medicine is best for cough or sore throat?

Pineapple juice with a little lemon juice will help with coughs and a sore throat. (Both ingredients help to fight bacteria.) Ginger and oregano added to the mix will increase the anti-oxidant properties. If the child is over one year old, a little honey can also be added, as it will also help to fight bacteria. (If you are adding honey, it should be locally produced raw honey.)

  • 1 cup of fresh pineapple juice – ideally home squeezed
  • Some fresh lemon juice — roughly a quarter of a cup
  • A little bit of ginger – around 3 inches long
  • A little honey (if at least one year old)

Add all the ingredients to your juicer or blender! Give a teaspoon full to your baby or drink a little as needed.

Another treatment for cough is NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine) sold as a supplement. It is also sold as Fluimucil, but it has other ingredients in it that are not good for us. NAC helps to thin mucus and make it easier to eliminate. Look Online or ask your pharmacist.

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