FAQ / What vitamins should I give my baby?

Multi-vitamins all contain things on the avoid list, includng iron, ascorbic acid, oils obtained by using hexane (a dangerous petrochemical that causes nerve damage as well as hemolysis) and others. Many man made vitamins are derived from soy or some other substance on the avoid lists. Vitamins are best obtained from good healthy food. Breast feeding mothers should strive to eat good balanced meals so that their milk will have all the vitamins the baby needs. There are only two vitamins that could be helpful for babies. Especially if the baby was jaundiced. Thee are two forms of NAC pictured below. Neither should be given before the baby is one year old.The first one is much easier to administer as you don’t have to remove it from the capsule. But either are acceptable. Put 100 mg of NAC in something like applesauce and feed it to a one year old baby. Add 100 mg of NAC for each year thereafter until the max dose of 600 mg is reached.

For the vitamin b complex, follow the directions on the label.

For other supplement suggestions, see Diet Suggestions Page

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