FAQ / What will happen if I don’t avoid triggers (things on the avoid lists)?

When our bodies are working extra hard to replace red blood cells at a higher than normal rate, our heart, liver, renal, spleen and bone marrow are over worked. Nutrients are depleted. The weakening of these organs can cause a myriad of health problems as our bodies age, even if you only experience low-levels of hemolysis. If you have G6PDD, you have a higher than normal chance of getting diabetes, liver disease, heart problems, etc. It is not uncommon for people with G6PDD to be misdiagnosed with a disease in which the treatment could be life threatening.  Once these diseases start manifesting themselves, it is rare that the condition can be reversed.

You should feel like the luckiest person on earth that you know the truth and can avoid these problems and live a life that is much healthier than many others who don’t have, or don’t know, they have G6PDD. Many people have died because their doctors didn’t know a patient had G6PD deficiency. These people were given treatments which caused acute hemolysis. By the time the doctors discovered what was wrong, it was too late. Being proactive and sharing a positive attitude with our families will make a huge difference in how we take care of ourselves.

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