FAQ / Will a person stop having G6PDD as he/she gets older?

No. G6PDD is a life long condition. G6PDD symptoms can be worse at certain times in a person’s life. For example newborns, adolescents and older people are the most prone to the negative affects of triggers. However people of any age can easily succumb to extra stress, colds, flu, or an infection, as these are the most common cause of acute hemolysis. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t affected at all during other times. Because the G6PDD symptoms often become less severe as a child grows, does not mean that they no longer have to avoid the triggers. I cannot stress enough that despite popular opinion, everyone with G6PDD will be healthier in the long run if they avoid triggers throughout their lives. I am living proof that chronic, undetectable lower levels of hemolysis (loss of red blood cells) is very hard to detect and can lead to much more serious medical problems later in life

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