Thank you so much Mr. Baker.  You are the absolute best.  Today is an emotional day for me because I am finding that I have nothing in my home that is safe for me to eat.  I am so grateful for your books and your website. God bless you sir!


Every week my kids visited their pediatrician, they were always sick even when they were prescribed Meds. No Doctor’s here in the Philippines explain my kids muscle pain except Mr. Dale Baker. Since I join this group my kids become healthier and they gained weight. I learned a lot from this group. And I want to testify that my kids are getting better and better following Mr. Dale Baker’s advice.


This group and Mr. Dale has helped me more than any of the 7 doctors that I see on a regular basis. I was literally in the hospital dying ( kidneys were shutting down, lesions on my liver, i was on oxygen, severely anemic, and was septic) the doctors didn’t know what was happening. My husband came across http://G6PDDeficiency.org website and figured out that I had a hemolytic crisis because the doctors were giving me Nitrofuratoin and plaquenil. Later i was diagnosed with G6PDD. My hat off to Dale.

— Arnitha

After only avoiding legumes I feel like into new world, I no more feel dizzy or tired.I am trying to change everything in my grocery according to Mr dale list.

Mr Dale really provided answers to all those questions I was looking for since childhood.

— Jane

I believe in miracles. I think one of the greatest miracles I’ve seen is the knowledge we now have about the true nature of g6pd. I have had ancestors die because of it, they didn’t even know what it was. Now we do. Death, brain damage at birth, ill health is now entirely preventable. What a miracle. My boys will grow up healthy and strong. I have been going to many dr appts with my mother recently. Most of the drs do not know much about it. Finally we went to a hematologist. (Dr who specializes in blood and cancer). He was making blanket statements- such as my mother will never have a critical episode because she is only partially deficient. So I asked him what would be the result if she was only slightly hemolyzing? Well then he said that would be bad. Every thing he said that I had questions about, he ended up agreeing with my reasoning. He left the room to print a copy of contraindicated medications, came back and mom asked him which website he used. It wasn’t the one I usually use, but he mentioned Dale Baker. He then admitted he didn’t know much about g6pd def. and if we had questions we should go to Dale. My specialized dr. Acknowledged dale to be the authority on g6pd def.

— Kathleen

Your information has meant the world to me in caring for my son with G6PDD. I’m happy to say that he has not had a blood transfusion since following your advice (after three previously). He also made it through a bout with pneumonia last year without a transfusion. I’m so grateful for all I’ve learned from you, the website and your books.

— Nina

I have always come to your website and have spoken to you over the phone. You have helped me a lot and thank you for everything you have done including this wonderful powerful website.

— George

After 33 years, my hemoglobin level is now 13. It always used to be around 10. Thank you Dale for guiding me and my family.

I can say that our family is now walking towards a healthy lifestyle. I can’t express how much we are benefiting from all you can share with us. God Bless.

— Maitha

Thank you so much for your help! I have been reading your website and have your book for some time now. My dr recommended it after my son was diagnosed almost 5 years ago.

— Chelsea

My son has had terrible headaches for the last 6 yrs since he had a hemolytic crisis. We have cut out all the contraindicated foods (Drs told us only to avoid fava beans) for the last few months and since then he has had no headaches!! We also take NAC daily which helps a lot especially with my fatigue and his behaviour.

— Anna

I just wanted you to know that with your help in reducing oxidative stress through organic food, watching triggers, increasing antioxidant consumption and supplementation in antioxidants as well as specific chiropractic care my son has gone from averaging 8 rbc to a normal 12-13. He is now 15 plays baseball, basketball and runs around full of vitality. Thanks for your help and you have made a huge difference in a child’s life. Way to go!!

— Dr. Dean

At the suggestion of what Dale teaches us at his website, I have been taking Pine Bark and Niacin( No flush), Vitamin B6, folic acid, etc. for the past two weeks; I am already sleeping better and having more energy. One thing I really notice is that my breathing is deeper and more relaxed. Well, I may or may not have G6PD deficiency, but these supplements may just give me a better life, and to my sister and her son(who is G6PD deficient) a new life.

Thank you Dale for providing your help with your website.

— Sui

Dales book is the best. We live by it. The recipes are now all our favorites…Dale is a blessing to us all. Get the book on his site..

— Lynda

I want to thank you again for creating this wonderful website, I feel it has solved a big mystery that I’ve had life long, since I have always felt unwell but never knew I had G6PD deficiency!

Love and blessings,

— Rosina

My son’s pediatrician told me that his test results at birth showed that he was G6PD deficient. I didn’t understand it but trusted the doctor when he told me that that there is nothing to be concerned about and that this condition would only affect him when he is older and have to take drugs such as heart medication. that was the only time that he will need to review the list of drugs to avoid. fast forward 3 years later when I pulled out the list and began realised that the reason why he would have weak anemic episodes after an illnes or after taking antibiotics was because he was experiencing a hemolysis crisis. Thankfuly he, even as a baby, would absolutely REFUSED to eat beans and would nurse endlessly when he was sick. I stumbled on this site in a search for answers and understanding and I have been refering to it since. THANK YOU!

— Latoya

I just want to say thank you for your dedication to help people with G6PD, My son do have G6PD and I let my family read your article. I am now less worried that there is someone that I can ask for tips or solutions to help me with my son’s condition. Thank you again and God Bless

— Ginel

I told you I would follow up with my son’s healing progress. This past September, JT was showing signs of hemolysis so we took him to the hematolgist to have his blood checked (we hadn’t been in 10 years). Thankfully his blood did not indicate hemolysis; however, he was slightly jaundice and his urine was the color of ice tea (Hematologist told us he was severely G6PDD – 0.7). When we were told JT was G6PDD as an infant, we were only give a short list of contraindicated items (i.e., sulfa, mothballs and fava beans). Since I bought your book and constantly browsing this website, we’ve removed as much as we are aware from JT’s diet (as well as mine as I am G6PDD too) of the contraindicated items. That being said, his urine color has changed back to normal and his eyes are no longer yellow.

I praise Yahu my Elohim for the healing of JT’s body, for wisdom, understanding and a peace of mind, and for you and for this website!

Our daughter is adopted. She has favism. It has made a big change in our life, particularly in what we eat, but changing her diet has made a huge change in her life – she is so much healthier and happier.

Our son is g6hp deficient so we have opted for the whole family to follow his diet…. After many hours reading about all the additives and junk put in almost all processed and some supposedly fresh foods. we have totally changed our diet as well. I firmly believe that almost all the things that our son Trevor can not have are also bad for everyone as well..Dare I say it, but I am starting to think this is a blessing more than anything as it has opened our eyes to a new way of living and eating.

We use baking soda instead of tooth paste like our great grandparents did. Also Mild soap for shampoo and olive oil, grape seed oil or best coconut oil make great hair conditioner. Our mosquito repellent is coconut oil and apple cider vinegar. Really there is no need for expensive products full of deadly toxins. In Philippines we can get fresh coco beans and make chocolate that is better than any shop brought stuff. We are learning to make treats and every day things that are healthy and really so inexpensive, the main cost is time but our family’s health is worth it. We will be getting Dales book as soon as we can…

hi there.

i’m a first time mother of 2 months old raijin and he has g6pd deficiency…and as a mother,i want to give my child all best care i have specially in taking foods and medicines…i’m very thankful i found your website who supports children with g6pd deficiency and now i’m very much more aware of his diet and as early as today i have more ideas on how to take care of my baby in the future….thanks a lot and god bless!

Yours is the best website about G6PDD that I have come across, thank you so much!

— maritess

My son was finally diagnosed with G6PD when he was around 5 months after countless trips to GP and doctors all of which didn’t listen. I knew as a mother of 3 my son being my 3rd that he was ill especially in a lot of pain when taking antibiotics but I was branded as a bad mother because I stopped giving them. He was missed diagnosed with thalassemia which he is only a trait the thalassemia society picked up that his condition was not the signs of a carrier and helped me find someone that I could consultant with in the society to help me. He is 8 years old now its been a fight all along. My current gp still is not sure how to treat him and most gps haven’t heard of the condition. Teachers and teacher assitants constantly have to be reminded.

A recent issue of which i picked up on was moth balls used by a teacher assistant made my son very ill and physical education is getting harder and harder with his breathing. God help him and me in scondary school. People have got to be more aware.

Hi sir.

I just recently added the Support G6PD Awareness Cause to my facebook account. I currently work as a nurse in the Newborn Screening Center- Mindanao here in the Philippines and I deal with G6PD patients all the time. I would just like to say that I am glad that you have made this as a cause because this disorder is becoming more rampant, esp. here in the Philippines. take care and Keep that fire burning 🙂

More power.

I am a neonatal ICU nurse your website is very helpful for me, my son and my patients.

Thank you very much!

Hello all Many thanks to Dale and all the good people who contribute to this group. It really has helped those parents who have kids with G6PD def, I remember my initial shock at being told my kid had the def- I panicked and had no clue what to do. All the Dr could say was since you live in a malaria prone area don’t take any of d ‘quines’ sadly I guess that was all she knew. I started trying to get more information and thankfully I saw this group.

Thank you all for the good work you do. I have been a member of this group for a while(albeit a quiet one as I am not much of a writer)my baby girl turns 2 in a few days and I am so thankful to GOD. GOD bless you.

I am one of those patients labeled hypochondriac, lazy and worse…I almost have to cry every time I need the doctor to check me or my son because of some infection that makes us feel just miserable, I didn’t know about these chronic micro hemolysis, and the devastating effect they have on our entire body, with this information I now can at last talk to my son’s school teachers about his chronic fatigue, and maybe convince my doctor to listen to me instead of dismissing me as a nutcase!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Dale and everybody else who share their knowledge with us.

I am happy to have found this site, and relieved to see that we are not alone in this; now, with all the information I already have found , and more I’m sure I will get in the future, I can try to explain to everybody around us that we are not lazy (at work or at school), and that we really need to rest a lot when we are feeling sick, and that we really get sick that often, it is not in our heads, it’s real.

I finally can stand up straight and say: I am not faking, I am sick, not crazy!!!!

thank you for the support

I know I did it before, but I’m going to thank Dale for this website and for all the experience shared here with us… thanks to all that I had a great day: today I had a meeting at my son’s school with the headmaster and the school healthcare coordinator ( I hope you say it like this…), to explain about his condition, and for the first time I could explain it in such a manner that everybody understood why my son is sick and so tired all the time, they are looking at him in a different manner, with understanding not suspicion, and they are going to keep an eye on him, and try to help him as much as they can…. what a relief , I felt understood for the first time. I didn’t have the same luck with my doctor, but I don’t despair anymore, I know enough to keep us as healthy as possible, and next month we are going to a special doctor, an orthomolecular physician that will check our blood for just anything .


thanks for the food suggestions. My son is up and kicking again. I made the chicken stock and found pomegranate juice and I am feeding him only good food (lots of red meat as well) so THANK YOU for all the good advice.

wishing you all the best. ( a very happy mother)

Hi thanks for the book, I really appreciate it! My 8 months old baby boy recently got diagnosed with G6PD and I was looking on the net for some info when I came across your site. First of all GREAT JOB!!!!! It’s nice to know we are not alone and there is someone who is will to take time out to educate people on this disorder.

Many thanks.

Thank you very much for the consideration you give to our case. I really feel that just now I can fully understand my case after I entered your website. God bless you and the hard work you do to help us.

Totally agree with Dale. We should not just blindly follow doctor’s order because in my son’s case, it turns out he easily got sick and we didn’t know why until we changed his diet….

The diet and the things people have discussed with supplements in this group has helped my son tremendously. Definitely let your doctor know about the symptoms and please do not accept “let’s wait and see”.

Since I discovered your site, I have been cautious with what we eat, reading all the labels, and I must say, I feel better, I have more energy, don’t feel like a 90 years old anymore…maybe this can help those who aren’t sure how important it is to follow a diet, it’s worth trying, at the end you learn to eat healthy!

Ok, my son will be 1 yr in October, he was tested to be positive to g6pd at birth, and he had blood transfusion before we were discharged and we were told to avoid certain foods and drugs. But am so lucky to have met a doctor who told me that the list I was given will not give the me the full info I needed and referred me to the web. I googled and found this site where so many people have been helpful on daily basis. My son is ok, no reaction to anything cos I am praying hard and as well trying hard to avoid any trigger.

If I hadn’t found this group probably my son who is now 3 yrs old would have been sick always. When I tried to avoid all the triggers and contraindicated medicines, He became more healthy and active.
We are really the caretakers of our children and we should do what will be the best for them.
Thanks to the Group here especially to Dale who unselfishly feed us with knowledge to properly handle our health situation and make our precious child healthy as ever.

Having found this website is the best thing you could have done. Unfortunately for us and our children the doctors seem to/want to play down our condition to a point where we parents seem to flounder for some clear direction. You should spend time and read through this entire website and try and follow dietary restrictions and the medicine contra list as far as possible. Dale and many other contributors to this site have lived with this condition and are always ready to help us parents/patients. Do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have as you will probably/definitely get a response from someone somewhere around the globe. You will as I did realize that you are not alone in dealing with this condition.

Thanks for the support, now my wife is calming down after i give her an explanation that our baby can be grow normally and healthy..

God Bless..

Had a lot of joint pain, after I stopped eating the foods to avoid it has stopped, my workouts have changed it was getting hard to bench 225 after diet change go 4 reps, big change THANK YOU SO MUCH

Dale –

I’ll also say thanks again, the information you provide has been life saving and affirming. Since changing our daughter’s diet almost 4 years ago, her life has changed so much, she is active and healthy. Recently when she was contemplating the possibility of being somewhere without her parents (we double check all ingredients – she checks then we check) she said – but I’d have to have THE LIST! What would her life be without the list?


— Stacy


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