Signs of Severe Hemolysis

The following symptoms of hemolytic anemia should be taken seriously, especially when more than one of them are present. Extreme exhaustion without cause should always be investigated because if anemia gets bad enough it can be fatal.

Hemolysis Signs

abnormal paleness or lack of color of the skin or underside of eyelids
Paleness under eyelids

Paleness under eyelids

grayish-blue coloring to fingernails or tongue
Grayish blue fingernails

Grayish blue fingernails

jaundice, or yellowing of the skin, eyes, and mouth
Janudiced New Born

Janudiced New Born

intolerance of physical activity
difficulty breathing
tea-colored urine
rapid or strong heart beats (tachycardia)
heart murmur
abdominal or back pain or both

Hemolytic anemia, when very severe, can end in death. Destroyed red blood cells are brought to the spleen to be broken down to smaller pieces for disposal. One of the end products of this process is bilirubin, a yellowish substance that accumulates in different parts of the body when too much of it is produced. Quite often, bilirubin accumulates in the skin and causes it to appear yellowish. In the worst cases, bilirubin accumulates in the brain and causes mental retardation or death.

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