Your information has meant the world to me
In caring for my son with G6PDD, I’m happy to say that he has not had a blood transfusion since following your advice (after three previously). He also made it through a bout with pneumonia last year without a transfusion. I’m so grateful for all I’ve learned from you, the website and your books.

~ Nina

With your help in reducing oxidative stress
my son has gone from averaging 8 rbc to a normal 12-13. He is now 15 plays baseball, basketball and runs around full of vitality. Thanks for your help and you have made a huge difference in a child’s life. Way to go!!

~ Dr. Dean

I am a neonatal ICU nurse.
Your website is very helpful for me, my son and my patients.Thank you very much!

~ ICU Nurse

I’ll also say thanks again,
the information you provide has been life saving and affirming. Since changing our daughter’s diet almost 4 years ago, her life has changed so much, she is active and healthy.

~ Stacy

Dales book is the best.
We live by it. The recipes are now all our favorites…Dale is a blessing to us all. Get the book on his site..

~ Lynda

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