Positive Change

Positive Change. An interesting concept, don’t you think? I once heard a man who was speaking at a seminar say, “only one percent of people will change their lifestyle, even if they know their current lifestyle will kill them”. Which … Continue reading

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The Importance of Staying Healthy

The importance of staying healthy is exaggerated for people with G6PD Deficiency. There are several things that influence how severe a hemolytic crises can be. One of those things is our general physical health at the time. When we keep … Continue reading

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Mosquito Protection

In the United states and other northern hemisphere countries spring is just around the corner if not here already and mosquitoes will soon become a problem. Every year I get lots of questions about the best mosquito protection products, so … Continue reading

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Why do Legumes Cause Hemolysis

Today was an interesting day as work days go. I was working on this website and searching the web for information about why legumes cause hemolysis. They do and I know that because people have proven it by using hemoglobin … Continue reading

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