The Truth About Living With G6PD Deficiency

Hi. My name is Dale,

Dale BakerAfter Staying Healthy with G6PD Deficiency had been out a while my wife and I realized that another book was necessary. People needed something small that they could take with them to the doctor, school, etc. that they could use to answer questions, or help a family member or caretaker understand more about G6PDD. It should be inexpensive enough to give away and contain a lot of the information available on this website so it could answer most of the questions people would have when they were not able to get to the Internet for one reason or another. A few months later The Truth About Living With G6PD Deficiency was born.

It is only 6 inches by 9 inches so it fits in your purse, glove box, brief case, etc. easily and costs less than 10 dollars USD. What an inexpensive way to have information about G6PDD available quickly no matter where you are.

With The Truth About Living With G6PD Deficiency, I Will…

Blood Cells Teach you what G6PDD is and how you get it.
Learn how G6PDD is passed genetically from parents to child. 
Show you how to prevent health problems.
G6PDD, if not controlled, can cause serious health issues over time. I will show you how to prevent that from happening.
 Iron Overload
Fava Beans Teach you what foods and drugs to avoid.
A complete list of foods and drugs to avoid is included in The Truth About Living With G6PD Deficiency.
Explain how malaria affects those with G6PDD.
Many people believe that G6PDD protects a person from malaria. Learn what is the truth and what is myth and how to protect yourself and your family from malaria.

Mosquito repellent

Mosquito repellent

Feeding Baby Teach you how to care for G6PDD babies.
One of the most critical and dangerous times in a G6PDD child’s life is the first few years. Most of the deaths and brain damage from G6PDD complications happen during this time. I will show you how to get through this dangerous time safely. For those with G6PDD, ignorance can be very harmful or even fatal.
Teach you how G6PDD affects women.
Of all the myths associated with G6PDD, the myths about women and how G6PDD affects them are the most prevelant.
Mom and Baby

Plus, if you order today, you’ll get the following bonuses for free:

Information Packet

Bonus #1

Get a tri-fold brochure with basic information, including drugs and foods to avoid lists, about G6PDD that you can take with you to the doctor, school, etc.

 Bonus #2

Get a list of Frequently Asked Questions and answers that will help you with many of the common problems encountered by those with G6PDD. Like “What medicines can I take for fever, colds, cough, etc.?”, “How you get G6PDD?” and “Will I ever grow out of having G6PDD?”. Plus many more.



This is not an eBook.
It is a black and white, 6″ X 9″, 120 page paperback book.

The Truth About Living With G6PD Deficiency
Price: $9.95

Or you can buy it from Amazon which may have cheaper shipping for people outside the US. CLICK HERE

What people are saying.

 A Must Read
Excellent. Has explained all questions & all my mystery symptoms with this condition. Very grateful to the author for this lifesaving book.
~ Anonymous
 Great Book
I love this book a lot and i believe my son will benefit from it when he grows up.
~ Denise

I wanted to thank you Dale for writing and sending me your book that I ordered. We read it and gave it to my sons’ doctor who is ordering additional ones for his team. I am going to order a few more so that his teacher, school nurse and principal have their own copies to reference. The quick reference chart you include with your book is very helpful too. We will keep your book and reference chart in our “travel med bag” as well. This way we can quickly share the information with those necessary to get appropriate treatment without delay. Knowledge is power! :)
~ Barbara
This book is for anyone with this deficiency!
Will help to avoid losing organs (i.e., my son had his gallbladder removed at 15 months old due to lack of knowledge on the Western medical side).
~ Cerise

Five Stars
Excellent material not available elsewhere!
~ Kimberly
 Five Stars
The best book about G6PD I have ever read. Very informative. Thank you.
~ Hong


Price: $9.95

Or you can buy it from Amazon which may have cheaper shipping for people outside the US. CLICK HERE

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The Truth About Living With G6PD Deficiency
Truth About Living With G6PD Deficiency explains what it is, how you get it, what it does, preventing health problems, what to do when you have a reaction
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